After Shave Wipes

ICLA after shave wipes is truly one-of-a-kind. These wipes are so formulated that your skin can regain its lost moisture in a quick time. Chamomile, one of the chief ingredients in the wipes, is associated with useful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. That’s not all; it is rich in anti-oxidants and contains essential oils. When you use our after shave wipes after a shaving session, you are sure to feel fresh immediately. The soothing effect these wipes provide to your skin is sure to make you feel better! This soothing sensation that your skin gets is due to menthol.

Our after shave wipes are also enriched with Vitamin E as they help fight aging signs and also act as a useful moisturizer. Even for long-term use, these wipes are great as they do not contain sulfates or Parabens. ICLA after shave wipes come in different sized packages. It is easy to use these wipes after shaving and the packet can be carried along without any hassle.

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