Alcohol Swabs

Alcohol swabs of ICLA are a lot different from others swabs you’ll find in the market. In fact, our alcohol swabs are a lot softer and thicker than they would be normally. These swabs find their usefulness in cleaning up the skin area where insulin injections are administered. When you use these swabs in the right way, you can rest assured of getting the injection administered to you in a hygienic and safe way. Alcohol swabs of ICLA can also be used for household uses.

As a responsible and leading provider of swabs in the industry, we see to it that every batch of alcohol swab that goes from our unit meets the strict quality requirements of the controlling body.

To prevent any kind of leakage, we foil wrap alcohol swabs in different layers. These swabs are provided to you in an airtight seal. Thanks to this arrangement, there are no chances of swabs getting dried or leaked.

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