Bamboo Wipes

As compared to traditional wipes, our bamboo wipes are breathable and 100% organic. They’re made using a combination of Aloe Vera, lavender oil, almond oil, and shea butter and are just perfect for daily use. The smoothness our wipes render to your skin means they can also be used for your child. Our bamboo wipes have the ability to gently cleanse the skin and soothe it almost instantly.

Whether it is face, hands or body, the wipes can be used all across the body with similar results. We provide these wipes to you in travel-friendly pouches. These pouches are provided with a protective lid so that the moisture and freshness of the wipes remain for a longer period.

Bamboo wipes are hypoallergenic and pH balanced. Therefore, even if you use them regularly, your skin will not be impacted by redness, cracks, or redness. Furthermore, you’ll not have to deal with any kind of irritation.

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