Bed Bath Wipes - Various Sizes & Formulations

We are among the leading providers of bed bath wipes in the country. For bedridden patients and elderly people that are having difficulty in bathing due to illness or injury, these wipes provide a hygienic and ideal way of cleaning. An effective bed bath wipes like ours can be your savior when there is less water at your disposal or when bathing isn’t an option. Our bed bath wipes safe, hygienic, fresh, and clean.

Our bed bath wipes provide an easy way to leave your skin moistened as they contain the perfect combination of vital ingredients like Chlorhexidine, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, and Olive Oil. What’s more, these wipes are suitable for use for both outdoor stay and travel whenever there is a need for a quick shower.

Whichever size or formulation you want the bed bath wipes to be in; ICLA can have them produced for you. Our personalized services are amongst the best in the industry and you’ll surely like them a lot.

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