Benzalkonium Chloride based Wipes

Benzalkonium Chloride based wipes are also referred to as towelettes. These wipes are an excellent choice as skin disinfectant solutions. Therefore, it is common to see these wipes being used for various medical applications. The formulations of these wipes are such that they can effectively cleanse wounds. Whether it is bacteria or fungi, protozoa or virus, these wipes work like a charm in negating the works of microbes.

ICLA takes due care in manufacturing Benzalkonium Chloride based wipes and packing them in a hygienic way. Also, to ensure users get maximum benefits in using them, the wipes are made available to you in different sizes and packs of different quantities.

The most common application of these wipes is when the skin area needs to be prepared before using a catheter. The fact that these wipes do not get dried out soon and messy is an added advantage for medical applications.

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