Biodegradable Wipes

A majority of ordinary wipes that we come across in the market aren’t biodegradable. This means it will take years together to have them disappear from us. However, our biodegradable wipes are totally different. They’re not just easy to use for your applications, but you can also have them disposed of easily. Put in simple words, these wipes are environment-friendly and are absolutely free from chemicals that can potentially put your skin to grave risks when exposed for a long time.

Biodegradable wipes are also suitable for children whose skin is gentle and sensitive. The soothing effect these wipes provide will make their skin gentle, smooth, and comfortable for a long time. The wipes as such are made using skin-nourishing ingredients like chamomile extracts, Aloe Vera, etc. Also, to provide instant freshness to users, we provide these wipes to you in different fragrances. If you want to have these wipes produced in a personalized way, then we can help.

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