CHG Swabs

CHG Swabs of ICLA are designed and produced in a way that makes them suitable for application on skin surfaces prior to administrating an injection. These topical antiseptic swabs are one-of-a-kind. Their broad spectrum, single step, persistent antiseptic properties are what enable them to kill microorganisms in an effective way on your skin surface. Used mainly for medicinal purposes, these swabs contain Isopropyl alcohol and Chlorhexidine Gluconate and are approved by clinics to be used on injection sites or surgical sites.ICLA CHG swabs are efficient in that they not only kill a majority of bacteria but also help prevent any kind of microbial activity in the skin region for up to 7 days.

CHG Swabs are available to you in individual packages and are completely safe to use on any skin type. Once used, these swabs need to be discarded. They act in a fast manner and serve the purpose for which they’re designed. Clinically proven, these swabs do not induce side-effects like burns or skin irritation.

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