Cotton Wipes

Cotton wipes from ICLA are suited for your daily use. These wipes are soft and gentle on your skin. In fact, these wipes are so sensitive that they can also be used on your child. The delicate and smooth skin of your child will be soothed and refreshed instantly. Our cotton wipes are fairly large in size and are pretty strong. They are alcohol-free and are textured in such a way that your skin surface will remain gentle even after a long while of the usage.

Our cotton wipes are especially beneficial for individuals with sensitive skin.Besides moisturizing your skin, these wipes are ideal for removing dirt and makeup from your skin. Just soak these wipes in water for a few seconds and you’re good to use them right away. These wipes are not just safe for your skin but also for your eyes. They are climatologically tested and hence, they can be used at all times.

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