Custom Wipes

ICLA specializes in producing and packaging custom wipes that are made in accordance with the requirements of a company. If you want to have these wipes made for branding purposes or as a gift to someone, we can help you get started! At ICLA, we have the experience, infrastructure, and knowledge to provide customized wipes matching the needs and budget of our clients.

Our customized wipes are user-friendly, soft, and gentle on the user’s skin. Before they’re provided to you, clinical and laboratory checks are carried out extensively to ensure you get a product that you had asked for. Also, these wipes are made without chemicals, preservatives, or artificial fragrances. Hence, these wipes will serve all your cleaning purposes.

ICLA is able to incorporate all finer details in developing and packaging wipes for your company. For example, if you want to have your company logo or its name printed on wipes, then that’s very much possible. If you want wipes to be made according to the required size or fragrance, just let us know about that. Our experts will work closely with you in developing these wipes for you.

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