Disinfectant Wipes

When you’re looking to keep cold and flu viruses far from you and your loved ones, ICLA disinfectant wipes can come to your help. The remarkable ability of these wipes to keep all kinds of surface clean and free from disease-causing germs will help you keep healthy year-round.

Our disinfectant wipes can kill up to 99.9% bacteria and viruses, including the ones that cause flu and cold. The ingredients used in making the wipes are of fine-quality and are proven to disinfect various surfaces in your household with great effectiveness. What’s more, these wipes can also be used on electronic items, including remote controls, tablets, smartphones, etc.

Besides allowing you to clean different surfaces, ICLA disinfectant wipes also come in handy for preventing the growth of mildew and mold and their odors. Depending on your requirements, we can produce these wipes in different sizes and fragrances. They’re available in fool-proof packs that are easy to use and carry around.

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