Dry Wipes

ICLA dry wipes are extremely gentle and are perfect for cleansing the delicate skin of your baby. Our dry wipes are quite similar to the ones used in hospitals when cleaning newborns and diapering. Using these wipes is really simple. All you need to do is dip the wipe in warm water, gently wipe the skin, and keep repeating the process until the skin is clean to your satisfaction. It is not recommended to flush these wipes after use. Instead, discard them in a wastebasket.

ICLA dry wipes are made without chemicals, additives, and artificial preservatives. Therefore, these wipes are perfect for sensitive uses and can be employed on a regular basis.

The features of our dry wipes that stand out are that they’re effective, strong, and soft. They’re ideal as baby wipes for newborn. Being a clinically proven product, these wipes will not induce or worsen conditions like diaper rashes even after regular use.

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