Exfoliating Wipes

Have had trouble removing your makeup and giving your facial skin an energized look and feel? Try exfoliating wipes from ICLA. These wipes are specifically designed and produced to remove makeup and dirt from your face. What’s more, they are also effective in eliminating dead skin cells that can potentially be the reasons for the growth of blackheads and breakouts. These wipes when used on a regular basis, will leave your skin revitalized and reenergized.

At ICLA, we formulate our exfoliating wipes with the right ingredients. In fact, these wipes contain Aloe Vera and are enriched with Vitamins B and E. These are the perfect wipes are suitable for all skin types. Whether you wish to use these wipes outdoor or indoor, they are a perfect solution for your skin.

Exfoliating wipes produced by us are free from harmful dyes, colors, chemicals, and artificial perfume. Therefore, these wipes are gentle on your skin.

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