Hard Surface Wipes

ICLA Hard Surface Wipes are designed and manufactured to disinfect inanimate environmental, non-porous, and hard surfaces easily and in an effective way. The formulation of these wipes is such that the desired hygiene results are guaranteed. Besides being ready to use, they’re also available to you in convenient packages. To satisfy your different requirements, we have made sure to have hard surface wipes available to you in packages of different quantities.

Just use our hard surface wipes on any hard surface or environment where bacteria and germs are found in abundance. We assure you that they’ll get eliminated to the extent of 99.9% in a matter of a few seconds.

To ensure the cleanliness and safety of these wipes, we have them independently tested in our laboratories. We see to it that the quality of these wipes meets international standards. These naturally biodegradable wipes are cost-effective and user-friendly and developed keeping in mind the needs of different users.

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