Home Care Wipes

Our home care wipes are what you need to make your cleaning job a lot easier. ICLA home care wipes are easy to dispose of and can be employed to clean any kind of surface at homes with just one wipe. Furthermore, these wipes are light on pocket and can save lots of your time and be hassle-free. There is nothing more an ideal home care wipe can do for you.

Though home care wipes are largely used for cleaning various surfaces at home, they can be of use elsewhere too! For example, you can use them to disinfect your desk at the workplace or carry them with you in your bag while on a tour.

Looking to clean up places that are exposed to lots of germs, like a kitchen sink or toilet? Think of ICLA home care wipes and you can get your job done easily and quickly. These wipes are excellent in removing splatters, smudges, and fingerprints.

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