Intimate Wipes

Our pocket-friendly and economical Intimate wipes are perfect for use when you give importance to hygiene above everything else. Specially designed for females, these wipes are proven clinically and are safe to use in all conditions. In fact, these wipes are designed to be used even while you’re traveling in trains, working in hospitals, airports, colleges, schools, road trips, etc.

Intimate wipes are highly recommended for women of all age groups because they help maintain personal hygiene without letting anyone worry about Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). At ICLA, we are constantly innovating and leveraging technologies to provide you wipes like these in an affordable and more useful way. It is our constant endeavor to provide wipes that are women-friendly. Just use these wipes whenever you feel like and get rid of irritation and itching instantly. These wipes are available in different fragrances and will help eliminate odor.

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