IPA Alcohol Swabs

IPA Alcohol Swabs of ICLA provide added effectiveness and convenience at the same time. These wipes have for long been used as a choice of cleaning solvent across cleanrooms and other environments that are controlled as they have the special ability to sanitize and clean various kinds of surfaces that are contaminated. Our extensive range of IPA alcohol swabs are tested in laboratories and can be used without worries.

To ensure the effectiveness of IPA alcohol swabs, we make sure to provide in packages that are sealed and fool-proof. If you want these swabs produced according to your personalized requirements, we can surely help. These swabs are produced according to strict requirements that are laid down in various industries, including healthcare, semiconductor, and microelectronics, aerospace and defense, biomedical and medical device, print, automotive industries, etc.

IPA alcohol swabs contain 70% (IPA) alcohol and can also be used for cleaning and removing bacteria from skin areas prior to injection.

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