Leather Wipes

There is so much you can do with ICLA leather wipes. Besides allowing you to clean, condition, and smooth up finished leather surfaces, these one-of-a-kind wipes helps provide long-lasting leather restoration and UV protection using simple steps. Whether it is car interiors, leather accessories, or shoes, these wipes have been injected with a cleaning formula that enables them to rejuvenate leather surfaces by cleaning up soil, residue, and dirt build-ups. When you use ICLA leather wipes regularly, it becomes easier to maintain your leather items. Thanks to these qualities of our wipes, your leather items will get a sharp look and feel.

ICLA leather wipes are simple to use and are made of non-toxic materials that are leather-friendly. On regular use of these wipes, your leather items can be protected from cracking, drying, fading, and sun damage. Leather wipes produced by ICLA are large in size and can be custom-made to suit your requirements.

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