Lens Cleaning Wipes

The micro-fine and pre-moistened lens cleaning wipes from ICLA ensure fast and effective cleaning of your lenses. Our wipes for lens cleaning are laboratory tested to ensure they do not leave behind strains or scratches to the lens. The fine structure these wipes ensure there is gentle cleaning throughout for all kinds of lenses, even with high-grade coatings.

Our lens cleaning wipes are pre-moistened and come with a unique combination of active ingredients that are also used for cleaning medical equipment. These agents that are totally harmless are devoid of cleaning substances that have artificial fragrances or are aggressive in nature.

And the best part about ICLA lens cleaning wipes is that, besides lens, these wipes can also be used for cleaning other sensitive optical surfaces. For example, these wipes can also be used for cleaning smartphones, laptops, tablet PCs, LCD displays, etc. The overall cleaning performance of these wipes is second to none.

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