Lidocaine Based Wipes

Lidocaine based wipes are a must-have in your kitty if you want fast relief from pain, itch or any kind of discomfort. The soothing relief that these wipes provide you can come in handy whether you’re at home or outdoors. The special formulation that has been used for these wipes mean the results are effective and fast. Furthermore, these clinically-tested wipes have proven to be useful for all skin types.

To get the best results from these wipes, it is recommended that you use them at the nerve endings of your skin and tissues surrounding them. You’re sure to get temporary relief from pain. The Lidocaine based wipes can also be manufactured according to your individual requirements. Also, for convenience purposes, these wipes are made available to you in different sizes sachets. Just make sure to carry these wipes wherever you go as experiencing pain can be tough and may prevent you from going about your work.

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