Make Up Removal Wipes

When you have traces of makeup, oil residue, or dirt built up on your face, your face will look different and not so attractive. This is over and above the fact that the accumulation of these things is unhealthy for your facial skin. To take care of these situations, it is not always possible to carry along a skin care kit with you. This is when ICLA developed make up removal wipes comes to your rescue.

Our no-fuss make up removal wipes come in easy to carry packs. Furthermore, they’re easy to use and offer you a hassle-free way to keep your skin clean and free from all kinds of makeup. For girls those are low on maintenance, these wipes come in handy.

These wipes are available in different sizes and package quantities. They’re all reasonably priced and have a pleasant smell. These wonderful wipes are made of natural ingredients and therefore, they can be used for long-term needs without worrying about health aspects.

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