Moisturizing Wipes

ICLA has always stood for candidness, and innocence. In a way, these qualities are found in abundance in our moisturizing wipes. These unblemished and pure wipes are the best you can get. Made of 100% natural fiber, these wipes will render your skin smooth when used regularly. Also, these wipes help prevent dryness of your skin by nourishing it well and leaving it supple and soft.

The best part about our moisturizing wipes is that they come in different flavors. However, all of them are designed such that they protect your skin and help it fight signs of aging. What’s more, they have the ability to moisten your skin in record time.

To make it easier for you to carry these wipes wherever you go and enable you to use them whenever you want, they are available to you in different sized packets. Each of these packets is light in weight and can be carried around without any difficulty.

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