Multi Use Wipes

ICLA multi use wipes offer you protection from germs and dirt for your skin anywhere and anytime. As the name suggests, these wipes are suitable for use on all kinds of surfaces and skin types. These wipes are really easy to use and are completely hygienic. These wipes are so soft and gentle on skin that they can even be used on babies.

Our multi use wipes are pH neutral. Therefore, these wipes will allow emollients to moisturize your skin and will not interfere with the skin’s ability to offer protection naturally. Whenever you want an instant clean up of your face, hands, or surfaces, use these wipes and get results as desired. These wipes are an ideal choice for you as protection is guaranteed from all kinds of germs. These wipes are also an affordable way to keep all kinds of diseases at bay.

With our multi use wipes available to you in convenient packs, you can carry them with you wherever you go and use them whenever you want.

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