Nipple Cleaning Wipes

It is extremely important to breastfeed your baby regularly for its overall growth. Also, when you engage in breastfeeding multiple times during the day, it becomes important that you maintain hygiene. ICLA provides to you sterile packs of nipple cleaning wipes that are a must-have for emergency clean-ups.

To ensure the efficiency of nipple cleaning wipes, we sterilize them using autoclave process. This also makes them safe and hygienic for nursing mothers. What’s more, each and every batch of our wipes is clinically tested to ensure they’re safe to be used. Made of 100% cotton, these wipes offer a gentle clean to even sensitive areas. They don’t even let the surface dry out anytime soon!

As the nipple cleaning wipes are made of non-toxic materials, it is possible to feed your little one immediately after cleaning your nipples. These wipes are available to you in convenient packs having different quantities. There are easy to carry and use.

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