Patient Wipes

As the name suggests, these wipes are exclusively designed and manufactured keeping in mind the needs of patients. Patient wipes of ICLA have excellent wet strength and are known for their strong and soft qualities. The wipes can be used all across the body, including face and hands. The unique non-woven fabric that is used in making patient wipes makes them an ideal choice for patients’ use. These wipes get dried easily and quickly and have excellent absorbing qualities.

The high-quality patient wipes from ICLA are available to you in different sizes. They’re so strong that they can be used more than once and their safety features are such that they can even be applied on sensitive skin.

Depending on your needs, ICLA can have these wipes produced for you in different quantities per package. Also, different product specifications can be accommodated as per your needs. For example, if you need these wipes lightly scented or larger in size, then do let us know. We can arrange accordingly.

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