Toilet Wipes

When you use normal toilet papers on a regular basis, it can do more harm than good to you. The health problems in using these products are immense and cannot be underestimated. It is for this reason ICLA has come out with a wide range of toilet wipes. When you use these clinically tested wipes for cleaning yourself, the job gets done in an amicable way. You’ll never have to deal with the problems that are caused by germs and bacteria. Use our toilet wipes and be free from tensions.

These wipes are made available to you in different formulations and sizes. They also come in packages having different quantities. Also, once used, these wipes are easy to dispose of.

Toilet wipes manufactured and marketed by ICLA are moist and soft and can be used on a daily basis. And each time they’re used, they leave behind a wonderful fragrance that lingers in your toilet’s vicinity for a long time.

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