Toy cleaning wipes

Toy cleaning wipes from ICLA are made with baby-safe ingredients that make them suitable for regular use. It is common to see children playing with their food while putting toys in their mouth. This is where the danger lurks around. If the toy is not clean or hygienic, then your child can get infected with germs easily. Our toy cleaning wipes are designed, manufactured, and packaged such that it becomes easier to keep your child’s toys clean and free from germs and thereby keeping the baby healthy and safe at all times.

The non-irritating and non-allergenic formula we have integrated into our toy cleaning wipes makes them suitable for cleaning all types of toys, surfaces, and tables. To ensure their effectiveness and safety, each of the batches of these wipes is tested by dermatologists and pediatricians. Only non-toxic and ultra-effective materials are used in making these wipes. If you want us to produce these wipes for you in a customized way, it is possible too!

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