Viscose Wipes

ICLA viscose wipes are made of non-woven fabric. The best part about these wipes is that they have excellent absorption capacity and hardly occupy space. Also, when they’re subjected to cleaning requirements, they do not end up damaging the surfaces. What’s more, these wipes can be used alongside solvents. We take extra care to produce viscose wipes and ensure they’re ready to be used for different environments.

Viscose wipes are versatile as they can be used in different industries, like aerospace, mold processing, machinery, electronics, printing, research laboratories, pharmaceuticals, clean rooms, laboratories, etc. Their soft surface makes them the perfect choice for cleaning.

Our biodegradable, natural, sustainable, and renewable viscose wipes offer more benefits to you than any other wipe. In fact, it is these qualities that make them suitable for daily use. The wood cellulose that is used in making the wipes gives them a silky look and feel whilst retaining useful qualities like absorbency, breathability, and comfort.

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