Wet Wipes

ICLA is a leading and trusted provider of different types of wet wipes. Given the thickness and softness of these wipes, they’re among the most recommended wipes for a lot of applications. ICLA is able to provide wet wipes in different sizes and packs. The packaging will be such that you can easily remove the wipes and seal the cover so the freshness and effectiveness remain for a longer period.

The effectiveness of wet wipes lies in the way they moisturize and cleans up the skin. Being as gentle on the skin as they are, you can also use these wipes for the needs of your baby. What’s more, these wipes are available to you in different fragrances and are free from alcohol and Parabens. Therefore, wet wipes can be used regularly and there are no side-effects associated with them. Other important attributes of these wipes are that they’re pH balanced and are enriched with Chamomile, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera.

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